Old School, retro, classic, suede and sleek… Comfyness and sporty edge to your sneakers collection. The stitch-detailing and leather bootie makes this sneaker super comfy. The “Vibram” midsole is the unique NB midsole… Continue reading

All Black

I love all black outfits. Some people don’t. The important trick about all black outfits is your ability to add some accessories that softens the edge of an all black outfit. Especially when… Continue reading

The 5 color rule

Basically there is no rule… But my rule of thumb is “The 5 color” rule. Don’t mix more than 5 dominating colors in an outfit, especially NOT if two of those colors are… Continue reading


[Bur-Gun-Dy] Besides being a small French region with great wines and famous cuisine, Burgundy is also the darker shade of the color red. I personally love burgundy. I always used to say: “People… Continue reading

Adidas Stan Smith Premium

Adidas will release more than 200 shoe models through 2019, and it definitely tells some something about their huge success after years of being beaten by Nike. Nike is still the main sneaker… Continue reading

AM90’ies and Blacked Items…

I’ve always loved Nike’s Air Max sneakers. For two reasons: 1) They are comfy and firm. Those of you who remember the Roshe Run, night also remember the ramifications of wearing Roshe Runs… Continue reading

Clanging & Banging

After some months without any exercise at all due to my knees…-jumpers knee injuries on both. Finally seemed to have recovered almost fully… also gained way too much of the wrong kilos… What… Continue reading