Womens Fashion 2013 Spring/Summer


This year, fashion consist of a part of the safe choice, with familiar colors and classic cuts. In addition, the pastel colors again play a crucial role in the summer outfit. It is up to the individual, whether you choose the classic black with clean straight cut, or if you choose the more urban-styles, with many different colors and lots of prints.

I think that something like patchwork and more checkered fashion will not be as dominant this summer. It seems that the pure classic cuts and lines will dominate. However, there will be seen a lot of colors, both pastel but also basic colors. Burberry Prorsum spirit’ish.

For the girls, it seems that the more street-like style will be more in focus than ever before. I believe that the recession has made consumers more courageous. More courageous and willing to try new things. Street Fashion is for everyone, and the limits are endless. However, there are a lot of different high-end brands who also choose to focus on the more “street-fashion vibes”.

Boy London and Joyrich as I have previously blogged about, are brands that manifests the above mentioned fully. Mixing this with safer but also slightly different styles such as Isabel Marant, Wood Wood, Acne gives the more consummate style. What do I mean by that? I think the combination is crucial. Take, for example http://www.Nastygal.com they offer exactly the combination between the classic and yet courageous style.

If you go for the classic look with black or basic bright colors – USE LOADS of accessories! Bracelets MORE THAN ONLY ONE! Necklaces, gold colored or pastelcolored. Spiked-bracelets were introduced last year, but I think this sommer will be full of those “punk/rock” traits. Why so many accessories? – Because it says like: ,, I’m in control, but I wanna be  a lil’ freaky tho'”

And on the other hand – if you go for the more street’ish styles, then TAME IT..! Don’t be another girl from the block, but let people think: ,, Is she really that bad?”

I hope you girls get the memo – “Why So Serious!?!”

What to do with this dilemma and complexity between classics and street?


I think a bridge or some sort of compromise would be: