Nike Air Max “Thea”

When Roshe Run is too casual and AM01 is too sporty…

I just recieved a pair of these new Nike Air Max…called “Thea”. The model I went for was the “Law” model… dunno why it’s called “law” cos’ it’s more like a camo sneak or something like that…so why not just call it camo or safari…? hmm neve mind..

I went for the “law” model because it’s the darkest one…- as I have experienced over and over again – like most of you guys out there, Air Max shoes gets DIIIIRTAAAY…- especially those ones with the white gumnose..damn…how many times I’ve been fighting in my kitchen trying to rescue my AM’01’s…




But I have to admit…..I just bought another pair of the Thea model… I also bought the “Lime Green” one… it’s SO FREAKY….I couldn’t resist..

Google it, at you’ll find out that this model is pretty rare and pretty hard to find..

But here’s a tip: 

See you guys! 

,,No matter who and what you are…always bee a good one..!”