Larsson & Jennings

For those of you who’s been browsing for a fashionable watch or timepiece to buy for this summer….-calm down and shop till you drop..!

Cos yesterday I posted the Daniel Wellington timepiece and today I post a similar design but yet different…-


Swedish minimalism combined with British old school’ness…!

EVEN THO’!!!!- I actually fancy the Daniel Wellington watch way more… I think the DW watch is something new.. It’s design is yeh- simple, but not seen that much in the specific design..

NATO straps or Zulu straps are hyped right now and has been for a while… But I think the simple design deserves some applause when it’s given to us in a whole new way. SOMETHING has to be different..!

If we are all copycats and serves the same thing day in and day out- then where would we be…?

Larsson and Jennings shame on you..!!! A lil’ bit… 🙂 Cos you don’t bring something new, well not enough..!

The design is way too tight. Looks almost like a hybrid between SKAGEN Watches and Citizen….too edgy and too big..- it makes the watch look sooooo slim and actually a bit CHEAP.. And yeh this is cheap in comparison with a PAM or a Rollie, but hey- I wouldn’t pay 180GBP for a SKAGEN Watch anyway..

What I do like about the Jennings and Larsson watch is the many different choices one has to make…in the sense of….straps…- Leo, Zebra, Red Cheetah, Black Leather, Brown Leather…etc.

Again- Daniel Wellington wins, why? Because DW says like:

,,If you want a DW watch- choose”.
,,If it comes in black with cheetah print strap?”

Are you mad son..?????!!

Fashion has to be limited and culture driven…not driven by money and forecasting on what customers might need looking back on last season..