Nike Air Max 01 meets Flyknit

Nike just released the latest news about their new sneaker project. Just as we all thought Nike couldn’t pull off a new combo of what we’ve already seen…they decided to combine the Flyknit upper mesh part with the classic AM01 sole..

But here is the catch…-The Flyknit racer design is way more narrower than the original am01 model.. Especially considering the nose.. So I guess they need to change to a lunar sole.. Bit if they really DO release a AM01 Flyknit model…it’ll be great. I’ll keep you guys updated..

I’ve attached some photos of the Flyknit Racer model.. And then finally the project: AM01/Flyknit.

And I’m so sorry about the fact that I’ve been so absent on the blog lately..I’ve been revising the hell out of me because of my master thesis.. But I’m back in track now..! 😉