Womens Nike Dunk Sky High “Sail”

Nike Wedge Sneaks’

I had to think about these wedges from Nike since they started coming out in the beginning. At first sight I thought they were kinda ugly and weird. But after this summer (Danish season), I really began to love these wedges. They are SO cool if they are worn by a fit person or a sporty person. The design is very slim and very “tiny”. It’s actually very very narrow so the fact is – you CAN’T fit in these wedges if you haven’t got the feet… The fact is – you shouldn’t wear wedges if don’t have feminine feets. Sorry to say but if you don’t wedges would look very weird and clumsy on you. On the other hand – cheer up cos’ you have the ability to wear something else then with greater success.

Just like the Isabel Marant’s – bobby, the bekett…blah blah blah..- this kind of footwear (wedge sneakers) are for the slim…no offence but that’s it.

Nike Dunk Sky High – Sail