The Rolex “Sky Dweller”

,,The Sky is the Limit…!” 

The most hotly anticipated watch of Basel World 2012 was to be the new sport watch from Rolex. It was made by Rolex to be a more  heavy edition of the classic sports watch like the Submariner and the GMT/GMTII Master. I seriously don’t know what happened to the guy who thought that. I mean – why cannibalize your own portfolio? And on the other hand – the Sky Dweller is in a whole different league than the GMT MASTER. The GMT Master is available at prices like 3.500$. The Sky Dweller starts at 30.000$. That’s quite a difference… – what do you want?- A jacket by Penfield or a jacket by Martin Margiela?

I really fancy the Goldie and the brown croco edition. BUT if I really had to go for a Rollie SD- I would go for the Bamford Edition, custom made – gunmetal..! Auch…!

What do you think? 🙂