!Happy New Year People!

Hope you all have had a great night you won’t forget….well at least not until next year!


This year will bring some new stuff to the site here at fimeblog.com.

I’m moving to Bangkok in June and can’t wait to post some fresh pictures from Bangkok. There are so many interesting fashion brands in Bangkok at the moment and I will introduce you some of them when I get there.


But it’s a new year and some of you have been drinking loads of champagne…well I have..!

My all time favorite considering price and complexity has and will always be the Demi-Sec by Niclas Feuillatte. The best selling brand in France even tho’ the Feuillatte House is pretty young. No fancy or royal history – just pure talent.

The Demi-Sec is priced at approximately 55 – 60 USD depending on country.

It’s not as sweet as the Moët “Nectar Imperial” which I think is a bit too sweet. The Nectar Imperial is a great choice tho’ but to be seriously honest – it’s too sweet a champagne guys. It’s for those people who actually enjoys a glass of Asti Spumante, but really don’t wanna admit the fact that they do.

The NF Demi-Sec is spot on. Perfect in balance, fruity notes gently sweetened. Everyone I know LOVES the NF as soon as try it. Period. This is the champagne you can drink and enjoy even if you’ve just brushed your teeth (No lie!) – So yeh, it’s a one of a kind glass of champagne. To fulfill the story – I was joining the Full Moon Party (Koh Phangan, Thailand) in the summer of 2012 and I met some french girls at the beach. We talked for while and they actually ALL mentioned the Nicolas Feuillatte house as the champagne house in France producing the best range of champagnes at the moment – with no doubt. So if you haven’t tried the NF yet – please don’t talk about champagne…at least not out loud 😉

MOËT & CHANDON “Grand Vintage 2000”

The Moët “Grand Vintage” 2000 is ranked as a “Top 01%” bottle in the WORLD. Yes, it’s absolutely amazing. Not dry (Brut) nor totally sweet. It’s a bit more Brut’ish than the NF Demi-Sec. But it’s very close to the NF. In comparison one could say the NF is amazingly close to the Grad Vintage 2000. Cos’ the GV2000 is pricy stuff. Price in USD would be approx. 180 – 190 USD.


If you are the type who enjoys a gentle brut champagne together with sweets, start dishes such as crayfish, fish or oysters this is the bottle to buy. The Roederer is for most people recognized because of the enormously hypes “Christal”. Christal is totally out of control when it comes to pricing champagne. Christal is a nice glass but it’s totally not worth the price.

However, the Brut Premier is actually worth every single penny. It fits every occasion and every dish you wanna freshn’up with a fancy glass of champagne. The Brut Premier is not dry at all. It’s fairly sweet and perfectly fruity and nutty in notes, smell and taste.

The Roederer is a known brand historically and continues to deliver and produce high quality champagne to the world.

This is the champagne to share with people who is 20-30 years older than yourself (+45 years old). And if you can’t decide – go for the NF Demi-Sec and I promise you they won’t complain in any way! 🙂