7 Mandatory fragrances for him


Christian Dior Homme “Sport”

This one is ideal every single day of the week. As a refreshing fragrance right after showering at the gym, in the weekends just before you arrive at the club or whatever… This one is def one of my all time favorite.


Yves Saint Laurent (Saint Laurent) “Parfum Intense”

This one is my new rising star on the shelf. I just bought it myself a couple of months ago. It’s absolutely amazing – very delicate!

A bit more deep, powerful and heavy in it’s appearance than the other ones by YSL. But this one is by far the best YSL cologne ever made!

It’s perfect on a date, for a dinner, in the Cinema or just at home on sundays. Very classy – yet smooth and young…


Clinique “Happy”

This one is an oldie but it’s def a goldie…!

First time I bought a happy cologne was in highschool and I know this is a loooooong time ago – but I have to say, this fragrance is fo-real-fo-real… Every single girl I’ve met absolutely FANCY and LOVE this fruity and lemon’ish fragrance. It’s a summer-fragrance and it’s perfect for those late evenings on the beach or just wear it perfectly for those dinners you attend to while on vaca.. This is absolutely the definition of: ,,Better safe than sorry!” Nothing new, nothing special….it’s just an awesome fragrance for guys. Nough’ said.



A fresh, sporty, classy and lemon’ish fragrance for the stylish guy with an athletic figure or athletic habits.

Perfectly sweet and spicy. More classy and summerish’ than the “standard” Allure Homme Sport. Homme Sport is also an amazing fragrance, but almost EVERY GUY on the planet between the age of 19 to 30 owns the Homme Sport Edition. So please….-just don’t go there..- cos’ you’ll just smell like “one of the guys from the crowd”. >>BUT WHAT ABOUT CLINIQUE HAPPY THEN????!!!!<<

Well, Clinique Happy is not released like 2 years ago but almost like 12 years ago- so the hype about HAPPY is long gone. But it doesn’t change the fact that HAPPY is one of the best fragrances for men ever released.


Emporio Armani “WHITE”

Some of you out there might remember this one. The Armani White fragrance for both men and women was released approximately in 1999-2000 as far as I remember… but unfortunately “white” was only offered on the market for a couple of years…last released under the “Armani RED Edition”. Don’t know why, but this fragrance brings so many memories back to life those extraordinary times I finally find one or visit someone who still owns a white… The fragrance is till possible to find on ebay, but the numbers are decreasing as time goes by… In my opinion – this fragrance is unique. It’s very light and very fresh. Smells like heaven – very sweet, fresh, clean and smooth…like flowers in the sky… NO ONE CAN EVER RESIST A PERSON WITH WHITE ON THE NECK….-except if this person is…yeh…Ones’ ex…


Abercrombie & Fitch

I’ve NEVER tried buying something for 125$ which have given me SO MANY compliments and comments from the opposite sex.. This fragrance is TRULY a chic-magnet. Everyone knows it actually cos’ FIERCE is exactly the fragrance all A&F Stores uses in their ventilation. This fragrance dominates the shops all around the world. But people tend to forget all about the fragrance obviously.

Buy this fragrance and you CAN’T stand alone in the bar, literally…wear it when you work out in the gym and even the boys will approach you: ,,Dude – where’d you buy that fragrance???” 😀 hahaha! I’m not even joking…!

Fierce is my NUMBER ONE…! And I mean….NUMBER ONE….!!!!

Change your game – by the blame…! 😉


Christian Dior Homme “Cologne”

It’s almost like the Homme Sport edition. But this one is more floral and filled with much more lemon and summer.


Buy it for your 2014 summer vaca…!