Spring = Capes & Ponchos

It’s time guys…!
What I personally enjoy right now at the moment in spring’ish Copenhagen is the ability to wear more diverse garments and mix up some of those summerly vibes..

Spring is here, for most of us in the western world and I enjoy wearing a cape during these evenings when temperatures drop pretty fast as soon as the sun sets…

I’ve got a couple of different capes, all bought on ASOS. I’ve got one with buttons on it, and another one of one piece, almost like a blanket thing… Both works pretty well, keeps you warm and it looks great. Depending on your own taste and style, I think capes are awesome. Edgy, yet practical…

ASOS Poncho With Side Zip In Black
25.00 GBP

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Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 16.42.07

ASOS Casual Roll Neck Poncho in Black
18.00 GBP
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