My favourite tunes..- and vibes

My all time favourite tunes…
– they have in some way been a huge contribution to my personal development

Some of them represent the teenage years of my life, struggling with different things. Later on it was all about house music and lounge music cos’ of this one summer in Ibiza in 2006.  Love songs and pop through 2008 and at the end of 2011 it was all about trying to forget and erase these same songs from my mind because of my ex at that time…- then when I turned 25 it was more about R&B again, pop/house and basically just what my mood called for…


Me when I was 18, lol

Now at the age of 31 I listen to everything that makes me feel more connected to my inner positivity and vibe. When I listen to a tune and it starts creating a feeling inside of me at an instant – I know for sure it’s going to be a repeater!

But there is absolutely no doubt about it. Chris Brown aka. Breezy is by far the artist I’ve been listening to the most. From 2002 till now. He is so diverse.  As an artist, I fancy him.


But at the same time, if I had to choose between Craig David and Chris Brown for a concert, I would always go for Craig. Always. Craig David is just not releasing that many songs anymore… But his songs had a huge impact on my life in my teenage years, his lyrics were perfect for the years of my life walking home in the rain with a broken heart as a teenager. LOL.

Listening to Craig David’s songs definitely helped a lot. They made everything more comfy, cos’ by listening to his songs I thought: ,,Well, if Craig also feels this way sometimes in life, then it has to be quite normal” – even tho’ life as a teenager can sometimes feel quite confusing and numb. But my piece of advice would be – at LEAST just listen to one of these songs, and please listen to his lyrics.

They are incredible!


Old, but Craig David is the king of R&B/Garage

(Born To Do It, 2000)
The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart becoming the fastest-selling debut studio album ever by a British male solo act, and eventually being certified six times platinum!

1. Listen to the song “You Know What” here!


2. Craig David: “Seperate Ways”

I always used to listen to “Seperate Ways” after being heartbroken. Ending a relationship always led to hours of playing this song on repeat. Perfect for that! It heals you…- he makes you see the “positive” side of leaving someone behind in the past.

Craig David – All We Needed
(Official BBC Children in Need Single 2016)

3. Listen to the song here!

“What’s Changed” was another drama song ballad from Craig, featuring Katie Holmes (not the Katie Holmes from Dawson’s Creek, LOL)


4. Craig David: “What’s Changed” (2003)

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 03.30.20


Chris Brown aka. Breezy

1. Chris Brown: “Marvins Room”remix (2011)

Chris Brown “Marvins Room” (Remix)

This song is great for those days on the beach. Just play this song and gaze at the sun. I heard this song for the first time during a full moon party at Ko Pha Ngan, in Thailand in the summer of 2012.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 04.15.51.png

2. Chris Brown feat. Kevin McCall: “Number One”

Listen to the song here!

My favourite song from his album “X” is the song below called “See You Around”.

3. Chris Brown: “See You Around”

Reminds me of someone I used to love…

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 04.31.12

4. Chris Brown: “4 Years Old”

4 years old, might be the song I listened to the most from May 2014 – December 2015 when I was living in Bangkok, during my MBA. Was pure meditation to listen to this song. And I could totally relate to the lyrics.


5. Chris Brown: “Party Hard”

Reminds me of the summer days in Copenhagen, driving my old classic Mini for the first time each spring (I don’t drive my Mini during the winter). So every single April I play “Party Hard” on the first ride 😀 hahaha! Nostalgic..

,, …I just need one more dance, and girl I hate this feeling but it’s not going away..- I think I’m….” 😉

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 04.59.27

Usher making his moves in “New Flame” by Chris Brown

6. Chris Brown: “Should’ve Kissed You”

Number 7 needs no introduction, I mean – 185 million views on YouTube, it’s Breez with “Don’t Wake Me Up” from his album “Fortune” of 2012.

7. Chris Brown: “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 04.51.38.png




Besides being extremely hot, Tinashe is one of my favourite female artists. Same coolness as Ciara and Jessie Ventura, she’s just a bit more funky in my opinion and she is an amazing dancer!

And on top of that she is definitely on my list of “Dreamgirls” 😀 hahaha…she is soooooo hot in my opinion… ❤

1. Tinashe: “2 On”

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 05.15.40.png



Miguel is one of my favourite artists ever since I heard “Do You” for the first time.. “Adorn” might be the most popular song from Miguel. But my favourite song from Miguel is actually “Coffee”. The vibe in the middle of the song and the end of each chorus is just perfection. I would feel incomplete without this song on my iPhone!

Miguel “Coffee” (Summer of 2015)

1. Miguel: “Coffee”

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 01.15.07.png

Miguel feat. Chris Brown “Simple Things” Remix (late 2015)

“Simple things” with Breezy is also one of my absolute all time favourite songs. When Breezy starts singing his first chorus and peaks with his overdrive at the end of the first chorus (01:20) and when Miguel is pitching from (02:58) gives me goosebumps. It’s vocal wise sooooo beautiful.

2. Miguel feat. Chris Brown “Simple Things” Remix

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 01.35.56.png



1. Grace “Feel Your Love” (2015)

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 01.26.11



The guy who needs no introduction. He started as a producer… – not many people do actually know how many of all the famous artists he did produce music for. Britney, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Katy Perry, Tinashe etc. He made all the hits! He is the creator behind it all…and then suddenly they asked him in the studio – can you sing? And then he amazed the World with his voice.

He is incredible. Ne-Yo, you are the definition of SWAG!


Ne-Yo: “Jealous”