Why I do what I do and how I got there..

My learnings from sports

Define and synthesize your setbacks

All people and businesses experience setbacks. But it's very few who clearly define and synthesize their setbacks. Setbacks are opportunities for growth, and if they are clearly defined and synthesized the learning we can extract from them becomes much more potent and relevant for us moving forward.

Ice Hockey taught me to clearly define what aspects of my skills spectrum that needed more training and more thought to it. Whether it was shooting precision, skating skills or physical improvements - they all required deliberate practice and reasoning.

What I learned from studying

I went through severel setbacks on my way to my masters. I graduated from high school with such weak grades that I was unable to apply for any enrollment at a university. I had to go through 3 different businesses programs and several high school brush-up programs before I was eligible to apply for my bachelors. 

So what did I learn? - I learned that the hard way is often the right way. Figuring out what we really find interesting and feel passionate about is vital for our ability to persevere when times get tough. 

The most useful learning from my time at school will always be my ability to apply and aquire competence. Learning is the fuel for growth and competence, and learning is not a linear process.  

What I learned from working in different corporate worlds

- Organizations are made of people and

created by people, not money

There are basically three types of organizations in this world: 

1) Companies that are consistently very successful and have great employees, an honest culture, and leaders that are competent, honest and people development focused

2) Companies that are struggling financially, have very low retention and ability to keep their best talents, a dishonest culture and numbers/metrics focused managers

3) Companies that are doing alright, they have great employees, an open culture with positive but less competent leaders, and they tend to struggle finding real solid business development.

*Some companies can be placed between the three types (hybrids) but a company will always be moving/steering towards one of the three types.  

What I learned from my hobbies


“I often go fishing no matter what country I live in or where I am vacationing. I love fishing and I love spending time in nature.

Fishing is really fun when you catch something and really boring when you don't. So it is about patience, and even if I have 5 consecutive fishing trips with no catch, I will still embark on the 6th.”


- Patience for results


"Pictures are able to say more than a thousand words they say. The great astonishing pictures are hard to come by and even harder to create yourself. 

A vision is about perspective and the beautiful elements are not the validated by the camera, but by the the eye that sees.


- Find the right perspective


"I used to hate reading books before I graduated from my first master's degree. I found it boring. 

Then one day I read the book 'Grit' by Angela Duckworth and I found its' message really helpful in my life. So I looked for similar types of topics and books.

And now I love reading books."


- Develop your narrative