Nike Air Max 90 Italy / Khaki

Nike AM90 – Italy / Khaki   These bastards are playing very hard to get… last time I checked they were actually available at Voostore ( If you can’t find them anymore please… Continue reading

Womens Nike Dunk Sky High “Sail”

Nike Wedge Sneaks’ I had to think about these wedges from Nike since they started coming out in the beginning. At first sight I thought they were kinda ugly and weird. But after… Continue reading

Canon Eos M

For those asking about my cam specs.. I don’t have a huuuuge SLR camera.. I wanted a camera I could carry with me wherever I go.. In the grocery store, at the gym,… Continue reading

Girls insta inspo

Love the outfit the this girl is rockin’. She totally got it all right, everything in harmony topped with a nice tan.. The girl next door..worn out shirt and a fine stylish skirt…accessories… Continue reading



HRAUN Zip-Blazer Clae Cheetah LaceUps Weekday Friday Jeans

Nike Air Max 01 meets Flyknit

Nike just released the latest news about their new sneaker project. Just as we all thought Nike couldn’t pull off a new combo of what we’ve already seen…they decided to combine the Flyknit… Continue reading

Worn out…

Today is my worn out day… Grey jeans slim fit by Weekday (Friday model). Leather boots by River Island.. It creates this worn out, greyed off look.. Rockin’..

Nat…is back..!

Natali  My lovely friend Nat is still rockin’ the new trends and her personal unique style. Just found these new pics of her on Instagram, so I just thought you guys out there… Continue reading

Daniel Wellington Pt. 02

This Daniel Wellington timepiece is totally amazing. So minimalistic in it’s design and so amazingly fashion oriented that I nearly cry.. The NATO strap just makes it even more “top of the pile… Continue reading

My new AM’Thea

Just received the new Air Max Thea from Actually this Zalando site is quite good..! They have some model and some special edi items I personally have seen on other sites at… Continue reading

Larsson & Jennings

For those of you who’s been browsing for a fashionable watch or timepiece to buy for this summer….-calm down and shop till you drop..! Cos yesterday I posted the Daniel Wellington timepiece and… Continue reading

Nike Air Max “Thea”

When Roshe Run is too casual and AM01 is too sporty… I just recieved a pair of these new Nike Air Max…called “Thea”. The model I went for was the “Law” model… dunno… Continue reading

Daniel Wellington

Who is Daniel Wellington? The story behind the brand… The story behind Daniel Wellington begins with a trip half way around the globe where Filip Tysander the founder of Daniel Wellington, met an… Continue reading

Rockin’ the Clae Ellington “Cheetah”

I know it’s future past…- the cheetah look…but let’s bring it on! 🙂 Bought these to rock em’ with my classic Mini Cooper 😉 Available on (40.GBP)

Outfit on request – by Kap

…I was asked to jam on some outfits, classy and fashionable… (SUMMER’ISH) but classy…no pastel colors and stuff… This is pricy stuff I know – but hey – this is it!  First of… Continue reading

Phillip Lim Jackets

Skateboard P and some floss…

BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB ICE CREAM  BBC &  BEE LINE Some new essentials from the SS collection 2013 by BBC. Some new vibes to be mentioned is in fact the more classy yet boy’ish… Continue reading

SAUCONY X Play Cloths Shadow 5000

Saucony and Play Cloths teamed up to create a Shadow 5000 model in blue and beige.. This is one of the pieces from the “Cotton Candy” pack.  Awesome details – like the star… Continue reading

Wildfox Couture and Rachel Antonoff

Funny fashionable stuff by  Wildfox Couture and Rachel Antonoff Wildfox Couture – “Love Portion” crew neck! Price = 60 Euros Wildfox Couture “You Garcon ofa BITCH!” Price = 50 Euros Wildfox Couture “Bra… Continue reading


NEW IN JOYRICH – LOS ANGELES (found on Joyrich is always so fancy and so colorful. Ever since I started following Joyrich- and at that time their garments wasn’t even available, on… Continue reading

Converse X Missoni Auckland Racer “Bungee Cord”

Converse X Missoni Auckland Racer “Bungee Cord” (re-post from Price = 200 US$


Words words words… Los Angeles-based designer Brian Lichtenberg designs all things geometric, holographic, and bright. Since launching his line in 2000, Lichtenberg’s bold, futuristic leggings, dresses, tees, and hoodies have been worn by… Continue reading

Weekday picks for the Gents

Some new pic(ks) for the Gents! We just found some new items on the weekday site. Some fancy new stuff to an affordable price..! Yup, classic weekday sitch! Cheetah print sweatshirt, crew neck!… Continue reading

GRAM SHOES now for Women

This 380G caters to the needs of the female Gram fans. It has undergone a complete transformation to create a shoe for women, giving it a narrower last with a longer toe fit… Continue reading

10 Inspos for the Gents

#01 Pastel colored laceups, pastel laces and no socks (or no shows) #02 Pastel colored laceups (Grenson) denim jeans and pastel laces! #03 Floral pocket tees and greyed off look! #04 DOTS! #05… Continue reading